Declutter your home for the holidays


Crystal Reuter
November 5th, 2021

The holidays are here and it is the most exciting times of the year. The best thing is when you get to see extended family and friends. After not seeing eachother for so long, it’s a great to be able to spend some quality time with the most important people in your lives. It’s important to make sure you’re setting up your home in a way that welcomes your guests. A lot of work can go into preparing your home for guests, but where do you begin? Here are a few helpful hints.

Declutter Everywhere You Can-The last thing your guests will want to walk into is a messy, cluttered house. If you take a look around and see that there’s room for improvement, you should tidy up certain rooms well before company arrives. If you’ve used your guest rooms in your home for storage, consider moving any boxes and bins into your garage or a local storage unit. If your living room is filled with laundry that has yet to be folded or toys that the kids have scattered everywhere, take a few minutes to put everything back where it belongs.

In Your Bathroom/Bedroom-You’ll want to stock up on the most important bathroom necessity: toilet paper. Besides toliet paper, we have all been traveling a forgot items at home. It is always nice when you go to hotels or other places and they have a basket with toiletries in a basket of things you may of forgotten. For example, toothpaste, shampoo etc. It is a great way to show your loved ones you care. In the bedrooms and bathrooms it is important make sure everything is picked up, closets and a few drawers are decluttered and emptied out. It maybe best to put some items in storage or a garage for a bit so that traveling guest can utilize this space.

No one likes living out of suitcases when they’re traveling, especially when they’ll be there for an extended period of time. Clear out a few drawers, some closet space, and a shelf in your medicine cabinet to allow your guests to unpack and feel more comfortable during your visit.

When it’s time to decluttering your home, you may need more space than your average garage. Topcity Storage offers secure safe storage for a few months or longer. Contact us today.

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