Guide to Renting from Automated Storage


Crystal Reuter
August 13th, 2020

We give tours at TopCity and the first thing people say is, 'Wow, we have never seen anything like this before." Technology can be useful and scary the first time you incorporate it into your life. We are here to breakdown the steps on how to rent and use your digital keys for the first time. Check out our blog on this as well. Imagine you pull up to TopCity storage and see that no one is around. Don't leave! You can still rent a unit, or you can a unit from your own home prior to move in day. Here is an easy guide on how to do this:

Step One

Get to our website,, you can do this in many ways. If you are at the building you can pull up your camera, hold it over our QR code on the door, it will pull up the website, google Topcitystorage or just type in on your browser.

Step Two

Click the STORE NOW BUTTON in blue on the first page at the top.

Step Three

After hitting the STORE NOW BUTTON, this will direct you to the units available, you may have to scroll down a bit, pick your unit.

Step Four

Enter in all your information, this step takes the longest of them all, have your drivers licence ready, your alternate contact information, if you have items with liens you will need that as well. A credit card for payment. Put in your payment information. Sign the lease. Then you are almost ready to go.

Step Five

It should say complete once you have walked through all the steps. You should get an email as soon as you hit the complete button. In the email it will have the facility map this tells you directons on what door your "key" will work at, we have three access doors you will have access to one of them, this prevents everyone from wondering the building. The email will also have the link or tell you do download the smart entry app. from Noke. You can do this ahead of time if you would like, you do this on your google play store or you App store on apple. You will also get your "digital key" code its a one time code then you change it in the app once you login for the first time. If you have any issues with Janus/Noke app you can download the app and hit the question mark in the top corner and get help instantly with the app. or you can always get help by calling or texting us at 785-414-9582. You are ready to move in at anytime. Your app tells you when motion is noticed in your unit, when it is opened and shut. You can adjust all your settings as you would like them. Happy Storing. Your friends at TopCity.

TopCity Storage