How to Store Kitchen Appliances

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Crystal Reuter
February 6th, 2022

How To Store Kitchen Appliances

Before boxing up all the rarley used appliances to keep them out of sight, you’ll need to require the subsequent steps to keep them in idealistic condition for your next cookery adventure.

  • First, you will want to make sure the appliance is free of grease, crumbs and grime. This food residue can attract unwanted pests.
  • If you have the orginal box, it is best to store in the box, you have them. Otherwise place them inside clear plastic storage tote to protect them from dust.
  • Stack containers by putting heavier items on the bottom. Anything that would get damaged by temperature or moisture changes should also be stored in a container, up off of the floor.
  • Label each bin. List all of the items in the container; that way, if you remove some items for use, you’ll know where they go when returning them.
  • Remove water and hoses and tanks. Water can remain behind in hoses and tanks after you remove them from the outlet sources. This can cause severe problems like mold and potential breakage from freezing if you don’t drain them out before storage.
  • Pack and Protect Appliances- Appliance doors and drawers can open during the moving process and break, so use wrapping film or moving tape to keep doors closed during transportation. In addition, protect appliances from scratches and dents with moving blankets, bubble wrap, or wrapping film when moving from your home or office to storage.
  • Find Secure Storage-Find a secure storage like Topcity Storage, they have motion sensors in all units, notifications are sent via text if your unit is being tampered with.
  • Pack and Store Applicances Carefully-Always keep appliances upright during transportation and storage to prevent damage.
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