Indoor Temperature Controlled Unit VS. Outdoor Unit?


Crystal Reuter
June 23rd, 2021

Indoor Temperature Controlled Units VS. Outdoor Units? Which Should I Choose?

People may not understand why they may need temperature controlled storage. The difference between indoor and outdoor storage units have benefits depending on what you are storing. TopCity Storage is here to help break it down for you.

Outdoor Storage

An outdoor unit offers a significant benefit of being able to drive right up to your space that is reserved. That way, you don’t have to make multiple trips Field Replacement Key Missing: namefrom your car to the door of the building, to the unit itself. This will certainly save you time. If you are paying movers by the hour this will save you money. However, if you must also think about the items you are storing. Outdoor storage units are perfect for items that you would store in your basement, garage or shed. If the items that are more delicate and sensitive to weather then they should be stored in a unit that has temperature control. Rooms that provide a consistent temperature year round, tend to do better at protecting your belongings.

Temperature Controlled Storage

The main factor in selecting temperature controlled storage is that your items will be stored in a controlled, stable enviroment. You will have all of your belongings safe from all the weather elements, which is very important when storing your valuables. When picking a storage unit, you want to ensure your items are safe from the elements. If you are storing any of these items you will want to get a unit that has temperature control.
*Electronics, Computers, Hard drives-Elements can cause electronics not to work.
*Metal, Wood Plastics-Elements can cause wood, plastics to shrink or expand, crack or warp.
*Clothing and Fabrics-Elements without temperature control can cause mold.
*Medical Supplies
*Books-Including Yearbooks, Photo albums
*Musical Belongings-DVDS, Band equipment etc.
*Important documents-Tax documents etc.
*Office supplies
*Sentimental Items-Paintings, Drawings etc.
The list can go on for the items that would benefit from temperature controlled storage. Basically, if your items need to be safe from the weather in a consistent temperature then it is probably the best choice. However, If you do not want to walk very far to unload your items and your items can be stored in a garage type element, outdoor storage will probably be the best for you. Either way Topcity Storage can help you when moving. Find us on our website

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