Questions to Ask About Self-Storage Before Renting


Crystal Reuter
September 13th, 2020

When you decide that you need some extra storage space due to a move, remodeling or just because you need extra space in your home the next step is renting a unit. However, it maybe your first time renting a unit, here are some questions that may help you in finding the right fit.

1. What size of units are available and what kind? Before storing in any self-storage unit, you should be interested in knowing more about the type of units available and how big or small they are. Do you want climate-controlled units, outdoor access? If you do not know the difference see our blog on the differences. Climate Controlled VS. Outdoor Blog . If you are unsure the size of unit you need, try this Size Guide, it is an interactive tool to help you decide what is the best size unit for you.

2. Is a deposit required? No one wants to be surprised as they prepare for the final step to securing a rental. Almost all self-storage companies charge an administration or setup fee. You should inquire about any fees that may be required before renting the space, such as a security deposit. You may also look for "special rates" that waive these fees for new customers.

3. How long is the lease? Many self-storage companies rent out storage space on a monthly basis. However, some are based on long-term commitments. Most of the longer terms are due to the "special deals" you may of gotten. For example, if you got a dollar rental for the first month, you may have to stay for three.

4. Has the company experienced any break-ins? You should also try to find out whether the self-storage facility has had any break-ins in the recent past, and if so, what steps have they taken to solve the problems. This can give you an idea of how safe your belongings will be and whether the company takes security seriously.

5. How much is the charge? This is one of the question everyone wants to ask first, as the cost can be a deal maker or deal-breaker. When determining whether the cost makes sense, you should pay attention to the cost Vs. quality of service. There are lots of self-storage facilities that charge affordable rates while providing quality services. You want to look at the security measures, customer services and access to the facilty. Can you get to your belongings only during office hours or do you have access 24/7.

In summary, The questions above are the most important questions that you should ask or review prior to before signing any documents or making any payments. You can also make the process of finding the right self-storage facility easier by asking for recommendations from trusted persons, such as friends or family. Location is also the key, finding the best place near you that is secure. Overall, you just want a facility that fits your overall needs and is the best fit for your needs.

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