TopCity Storage Uses Smartphones As Storage Lock and Key


Crystal Reuter
November 13th, 2020

Cell phones are used in our everyday life, have you ever looked at your settings and seen how many times you actually pickup your phone in one day? We use our phones for everything, we use them to buy plane tickets, order us drivers to go anywhere, schedule doctor's appointments, and even use them to turn on our smart TV's. By downloading an app on your cell phone, you can change the channel, control the volume, and do everything your remote control. Cell phones are basically our remote controls for everyday life.  
This innovative app technolgy business also is now coming into self-storage. There are now ways you can unlock unit doors and digitally share your key by an app on your smart phone. Here's how it works and the benefits that comes with it:
  • How it Works: Through cloud-based technology, tenants are able to enter the facility and their units with their mobile smart devices. No more of the frustration of losing keys and forgetting combinations and codes. With Tesla technology included inside every unit controller and electronic smart lock, this security solution is changing the way that storage is being done.
  • Rental Process Made Easy: The rental process is now as easy as buying a plane ticket. Tenants can handle the whole process on their own online or by using the mobile app. No more having to speak to a manger. Giving the customer the option to do rent units on their own anytime of the day.
  • Digital Key Sharing: This amazing feature allows customers the convenience of granting temporary access to friends and family – then revoking access whenever you chose, you are in control.
  • Notificatons: This new technolgy gives customers more security, all units are equipped with motion sensors, and will give the customers notifications if motion is detected. Not only that customers will recieve notifications right to their phones when the doors are left unlocked.
We are used to doing everything on our phones this past year, why not add Storage to the list?

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