Unmanned Self Storage Misconceptions


Crystal Reuter
April 13th, 2021

Unmanned self-storage properties like Topcity storage are new in the industry and they have a few misconceptions that we would like to clear up. Here are the top five misconceptions on unmanned self storages:

1. Customers Need Help Figuring Out Unit Size- We have made a simple solution in helping our customers with this problem. On our website at Topcity we have a interactive storage unit calculator tool that our customers can use that makes picking a unit simple. Also, after customers have picked the right storage size they can use our facility map to pick a storage location. If the customer still needs help no problem, TopCity is always here for you. Give us a call, or even text with any questions.
2. Unmanned Properties Must Be Gated-This is a misconseption that we hope to change. Many unmanned properties are high-functioning and very secure, even without gates and fences. Security goes beyond fences and gating. If the facility is in a well-monitored, high-traffic area where crime is less likely to take place, then the facility may not need to be gated. With new technology, like SecurGuard Electronic Locks, as utilized by TopCityStorage security fencing is not necessary. Electronic locks, keypads, lighting, and surveillance is just as secure as a gated self storage.
3. Unmanned Properties Have More Security Issues- Security is a concern at most self storage locations. Unmanned properties take extra steps in taking measures to ensure that their customers belongings are safe. These steps include keeping the facility well-lit at night, utilizing SecurGuard Electronic Locks, using security cameras and carefully monitoring the crime activity in the area.
4. Unmanned Properties Have Terrible Customer Service-TopCity thrives on trying to make their customers satisfied. We take many steps to help our customer service. Customers are able to complete the move-in process at their own convenience 24/7 using online tools, which is much easier than calling and setting up an appointment. Plus, the human element is still available to customers who desire it by providing phone numbers and contact information on our website. Another benefit with our digital technolgy is you can use your digital key at anytime of the night, we are essentially open all the time, if you work the night shift and need to get in your unit you can. That makes for better customer service.
5. Customers Want to Talk to Someone Before Renting a Unit-Since Covid hit we have seen how some customers have more anxiety when talking to others in public. We have taken the steps to ensure our steps are as smooth as possible when renting a unit. When you visit our website and hit the store now button, to getting all the information you need to know, we want it to be a great experience for you. Most people perfer to rent online rather than just walking into the store, we feel you should be able to do this with storage as well. As always we are here if you need us.

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