Getting To Know Your Storage Facility

New Move In At Topcity

Crystal Reuter
March 13th, 2021

You should get to know your storage facility prior to moving in. For example, what are the hours I can be onsite, what can I store or not store in my unit, how do I access my unit, and where is my unit located once I get to my location? Luckily, these days storage facilities have facebook pages, websites and other social media sites to help ease anxieties of potential customers and current ones that can answer any questions anytime of the day. You want to make sure that the move to storage is an easy one. Make sure you know that it has convience.

Easy Access to Rent anytime with Hours that work for you to move in are a bonus. At Topcity Storage we have simplified the rental process. Also, made it easy access to your unit twenty- four hours a day using an app on your phone. The rental process takes as much time as purchasing a plane ticket, after you sign the rental agreements, and pay for your unit, your key to access the building is sent to you in a text within minutes.

Location- You want to make sure you know where your unit is once getting to your storage site. Ask your storage facility for a facility map. TopCity Storage made this easy for our customers as well, after renting a unit they will automatically send you a facility map in your email.

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