Tenant Protection

Purchasing self-storage insurance is an individual decision based on your needs, your current homeowners’ policy and if your current self-storage place has a policy for insurance to protect everyone, as Topcity Storage has in place. We do require some type of insurance before storing.

Coverage Options:

· 2,000 9/month
· 5,000 13/Month
· 10,000 28/Month
· 15,000 35/month

What Events Could Qualify Coverage By Self-Storage Insurance?

· Fire
· Tornado
· Theft
· Hurricane
· Lightning
· Wind
· Hail
· Burglary

What is the difference between burglary and theft?

Burglary is defined as stealing property by forcible entry into a securely locked storage space, provided there are marks of forcible entry on the exterior storage space. Theft does not require forcible entry. Theft and Unknown Disappearance of items are not covered under storage insurance policy. Note that the absence of a lock does not constitute visible marks of forced entry of a storage space.

How to file a claim

- Notify us as soon as possible CONTACT US - Take photos of any damage. Don’t throw anything away until told otherwise. - FILE A CLAIM HERE with BADER INSURANCE

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