TopCity's Guide To Digital Key Sharing


Crystal Reuter-NOKE Website
September 1st, 2021

Many people have turned to their phones for everything in their everyday lives. The same goes for us, at TopCity Storage, in the storage industry and the technology we use at TopCity. Do you have an app on your phone like, Venmo, Paypal or Cash App? These apps allow you to send funds friends, family, or even pay for products and services. Now with new Advanced Smart Entry systems, we can let you do essentially the samething just in the digital key sharing way. For families , or even commercial businesses that have storage units who need to grant access to their unit, digital key sharing is the level of convenience that customers not only appreciate, but come to rely on. There is no longer the need to have to arrange to meet ups to hand off keys to family members, movers, or employees when giving them access to their unit. You dont have to worry about getting your keys back, or even if there are extra copies of the keys floating around. With each digital key that is shared, it can track who has accessed that unit and the time then if you want the customer can even revoke the key at any time if needed. How is that for control over the unit. An added bonus is that the customer even gets notifications when the unit is opened or if motion is dected inside. WOW, that is technology working for you.

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