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November 1st, 2021

This article from Janus International is very helpful in explaining what happens when we lose power. At Topcity this is the technology we chose and this article explains why very well. This question comes up from time to time. Check out the full article here Janus

What Happens When a Smart Facility Loses Power?

One of the concerns voiced by customers when renting at a smart facility, is what happens if the power goes out? Is there a downside to putting too much trust in technology?

Tenants get excited when presented with benefits of Nokē Smart Entry but sometimes they wonder, is it too good to be true, what happens if your facility loses power?  In traditional storage, when a storage facility loses power, what little security the site offered is down, access is affected, the store is blind to what is going on and all they have left are the tenant locks holding the line on the unit.  But since tenant's are not using a padlock on a smart unit, what does that mean for their storage unit's security with no power? Overall access and operation of your facility is dependent on electricity and will change with a temporary loss of power.  These other aspects of your facility, that are excluding tenant smart units, can be affected by an outage if they are not on battery backup systems.  This includes entry points and equipment such as: elevators, gates, sliding doors, building doors if access controlled, internet, phone lines if they are VOIP, DVR and cameras, office devices, and other equipment that depends on electricity to operate. For facilities offering Nokē smart locks on their tenant units, these smart locks are superior to regular locks even in a power outage, thanks to the Tesla battery units that power them.  In the event of an outage with Nokē Volt smart locks, they switch to battery back-up until power is restored.  NOKĒ ONE smart locks however, are always running on built-in, powerful battery units.  This means the tenant's belongings are going to sit safe and secured even in the event of power failure.  The unit is still going to be armed and recording data, which will be reported back to the cloud once the network is back online.  They don't have to worry that the unexpected will leave them vulnerable with only a little lock standing in the way of protecting their treasures.So whether the power is on or off, a tenant is going to be getting the best storage solution for their belongings with a Nokē smart lock from your facility, than just a padlock on their door.

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